AIEA Golf Season Pass Membership

Golf's next big thing.

The Season Pass


A token-based membership where golf meets fashion and experiences. Immerse yourself in our digital clubhouse and engage with a modern golf community that celebrates every swing, every moment. Beyond the course, indulge in an ever evolving lineup of exclusive benefits and rewards tailored to elevate your life in both style and sport.

Think of digital tokens (NFTs) as unique, digital collectibles that are verified using blockchain technology. A token-based membership is a modern and unique way to access exclusive content, perks, or communities in the digital realm. Instead of the traditional plastic or paper membership cards, token-based memberships use blockchain technology to verify your status and grant you special privileges.

Your membership hooks you up with sweet deals on AIEA gear, discounts and cool stuff from our partners, and invites to both real-life and virtual events. Oh, and guess what? Perks and goodies that come with your Season Pass will constantly update as the year rolls on. We're even cooking up a chat platform exclusively for the Season Pass crew! Stay tuned for the good stuff.

Your Season Pass will appear in your personalized digital wallet which was created when you initially purchased the NFT. This wallet is verified and yours forever. You can access your wallet here.

Once on the main Season Pass home page, click Log In. Then use either your email address or Web3 wallet (whichever one you used to initially create the account) to log into the portal.

Once you purchase your Season Pass, you will receive a confirmation email prompting you to create your account. After you click 'Get Started', there will be an option to either create your SP membership account using an email address, or use a Web3 wallet. Click on 'Use a Web3 wallet' and connect via Metamask.

On the membership home page, click Gift a Membership on the top of the page. Proceed with payment as usual. Once purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with gifting instructions. Forward this confirmation email to the gift recipient and they will be able to activate the membership from there! Questions? Reach out to hello@aieagolf.com

Each pass will give you access to the AIEA Pavilion for 1 year from date of purchase. Passes will be automatically renewed each year unless canceled before renewal date.

Log into your membership account here > Click on My Account located on the upper righthand corner of your screen > click Manage Subscription > click Cancel Plan. Even after cancelation, your membership will still be active until the 1 year date from initial purchase.

No. Our NFTs do not transfer over any rights or licensing to the intellectual property. These are collectibles. Just like if you buy an original painting, you can’t go out and sell replicas of the artwork.

Reach out to hello@aieagolf.com